What is Quivr?

Quivr is a cloud-based SaaS Marketing Automation platform that helps you manage your multiple agencies easily and cascade your offline marketing campaigns across geographies.

How does one start a campaign?

To begin a campaign, click on the manage campaign tab which gives you the option to create a new campaign or edit an existing one.

What are the various elements involved in creating a campaign?

In order to start a campaign, you must add the name of the campaign, a brief on the campaign, end date and an objective of the campaign. You may then select the modules you would like to cover alongside the regions you are targeting and who will be managing the same.
After this, you must assign a central user/administrator who will be responsible for the campaign. Additionally, up to three users for approvals can also be added in the same tab.
You can also add region specific users depending on where all your campaign is running. There is also a Locations & Targets tab where you can add more details on the campaign like the touch points (Colleges, pubs etc.), target value, number of days, promoters and much more.

What are central users and how can they be edited?

Central users determine which departments/teams/agencies will be involved in executing the campaign and which users will be running the same.

How does one create a pitch?

A pitch can be created by clicking on the Pitch tab on the home screen where the following elements/details will need to be defined:

Pitch title
* Pitch brief
* Pitch objective
* End date
* Supporting files if any
* Type of pitch
* Slot times
* Presentation slots

Additionally, you can also invite agencies to share the pitch details with.

How can I view my pitch?

You can get a preview of your pitch by clicking on the View Pitch tab under the pitch section.

Can I make changes to a campaign?

Yes, simply go to the Manage campaign drop down and select the edit campaign tab.�

What all can I edit in a campaign?

You may edit the basic details of the campaign, add or subtract inventory and upload files/folders related to the campaign.

How can I view my past campaigns?

Click on the Past campaigns tab and see the campaigns and execution details on the campaigns gone by.

How can I add/edit the inventory to my campaign?

You can make changes to your inventory by clicking on the edit campaign section and selecting the inventory sub section where all details in relation to the inventory can be influenced.

How can I request for a certain quantity of the inventory?

Start by going to the Live Campaign section and selecting one of the campaigns. Then go on to click the campaign management tab where you can place a request for inventory. Post approval from the campaign admin, the inventory will be allocated.

What are transactional logs?

Transactional logs display the files being uploaded, deleted, which user has been working on a particular file and the quantity of inventory requested for a specific campaign and their approval status.

What are the elements/details incorporated in the Targeting & Reporting Module?

Targeting & Reporting module asks the user to define the objective of the campaign, touch points, region, the number of days and promoters required to reach a set target.

How are users added who require access?

Under the Admin modules section, select the users option. Once selected, add details of the user you would like to add to the campaign.

Does every new user have an individual log in?

Yes, every new user will have a separate log in to the tool to monitor their activity.

How many approval users can be added to a campaign?

A maximum of 3 approval users can be added to a campaign.

How can a user request inventory?

A user may request a certain stock of the inventory by going to the Live Campaign section and selecting one of the campaigns. Then go on to click the campaign management tab where the user can place a request for inventory. Post approval from the campaign admin, the inventory will be allocated.

How many regions can be added to a campaign?

There is no limit number on the regions that can be accommodated in a campaign.

What is Consumer data collection?

Consumer Data collection refers to the demographic or other data you may wish to collect about consumers during your campaign.

What is a reporting form?

A reporting form comprises of pictures of the campaign activity, a collection of real-time data, comprehensive details of the work conducted alongside detailed graphs for assessment.

What is the query log?

The query log showcases the queries/questions raised pertaining to the campaign and a track of the communication between parties to facilitate the same.

How does one add/subtract regional users in the edit campaign section?

Click on the Manage Campaign tab and go to the Edit Campaign section where one may add/subtract the regions they would like to involve in the activity.

Can everyone involved in a campaign view the query raised by a particular person?

Yes, a query raised by a particular person can be viewed by everyone involved in that specific campaign.